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Today’s work environments must assure the implementation of safe and secure operations and work practices that protect the health and safety of the workforce, the public, and the environment. The starting point for the GEM environment, health and safety program has always been a corporate goal that every employee is to return home in the same condition that brought them to the workplace and that our environment and the public has benefited from their work. We have always had a vision of zero accidents and rather than just reacting to incidents and correcting contributing factors, our approach has been to proactively prevent accidents and environmental problems from occurring.

GEM provides exceptional support establishing, assessing, and maintaining the proper facility and operational safety authorization basis, and the maintenance of effective Integrated Safety Management Systems at most of the DOE/NNSA facilities. Our environmental engineering staff and site remediation programs have assured compliance with all regulations  and provides the basis for effective clean up of contaminated facilities/sites and the return of work areas to their original environmental state.


Health & Safety
Environmental Planning, Other Regulatory Compliance, And Permitting Services
Engineering Site Remediation
Site Characterization
Solid, Hazardous, and Mixed Waste Management 
Multi-Media Sampling, Sample Management, and Quality Control