Vision, Mission, Values & Ethics


To provide high quality safeguards and security, engineering, and environmental services to Federal, State, and local government entities in a safe and cost effective manner.


GEM strives to empower success throughout the company. Proven management approaches and procedures applied by experienced managers and professionals under a formal Quality Assurance Program and lessons learned are at the basis of our services to help clients improve their programs. GEM attracts high quality employees who have a personal interest in the success of our clients missions. GEM strives to retain the best individuals by offering competitive salaries, exceptional benefits, incentive bonus programs and professional recognition. GEM supports the development of its employees with education and training to improve their qualifications for future promotions and career advancement. GEM strives to maintain an equal balance across the board with various diversity and inclusion goals working closely with various minority programs, veteran programs and diversity organizations. Trust, Honesty, Integrity and Ethics are the values and culture where GEM bases its success. The philosophy of keeping an open door policy up to the CEO and President, is a top priority to ensure employees have any issue resolved quickly. We garner the commitment of each employee to enjoy their work, always provide support the SMART WAY™, and exceed beyond the duties required in their position.


Customer-Oriented: Provide innovative, cost-effective and timely solutions to meet our client’s needs and support their mission and goals. We remain committed to the relentless pursuit of our customers’ needs and to the highest standards that will permit our staff to make the right decisions and recommendations when confronted with difficult problems and situations.

Quality/Safety-Oriented:Deliver products that are complete and correct and incorporate industry-proven methods and technology. We will continue to leverage our extensive experience base in the use of and identification of state-of-the-art technological solutions in addressing our customer’s needs. In developing products and providing services, we will maintain a safe work environment and strive for zero accidents.

People-Oriented:Provide support staff possessing credentials and experience needed to ensure high quality products. We believe that our staff is the most important GEM asset and that people’s performance makes the project and determines its success, not the firm itself. As such, we are committed to providing an outstanding corporate culture, selecting the most outstanding staff, a proven retention record, and focusing on the client while integrating proven management principles and best in class practices.

Growth-Oriented:Continue to grow and team with others while maintaining high quality services to our customers on time and always within budget. We will assure that team alliances are maintained with other like companies so as to assure an even greater pool of capable resources in meeting our customer’s needs. GEM values the trust that has been placed in us and we realizes that our growth is dependent upon maintaining that trust as a small business provider.


GEM has built its reputation on honesty and integrity. GEM has always recognized the importance of the ethical conduct of our business and adhered to the intent and spirit of Federal, State, and local entity laws and regulations for the conduct of safe, secure, and effective operations. We will always set our standards high and adhere to what we preach. Without such we would not have succeed as a striving small business over the past 25 years, and built the respect, confidence, and trust of our customers, suppliers, employees, and stockholders that we enjoy today. Honesty and integrity are key to our continued success. As such, GEM has delineated standards for ethical business and personal conduct into our corporate policies and procedures. They provide substantial direction and guidance to our employees in making the correct choice or action in situations where the correct choice/action may not be so evident. Our staff knows that we expect them to adhere to our corporate polices and procedures and that honesty and integrity are critical assets of the success of our business.