Corporate & Financial Strength


GEM has grown from three employees in 1993 to over 175 employees and consultants. Our remarkable growth can only be attributed to our dedication to supporting our clients, finding cost-effective solutions to challenging issues and concerns, proven good stewards of government resources, and producing sustained quality work products on time and within budget.

GEM has secured financial resources to run large contracts, employ quality personnel, and develop recruitment databases to support its contracts at nationwide facilities to successfully provide the services required by our clients. The GEM financial and accounting systems are Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA)-government audited and approved annually. DCAA has found through multiple audits that the GEM accounting system meets and exceeds stringent federal government accounting standards.

Over the past few years, GEM has successfully grown under the scrutiny of competitive Requests for Proposals (RFPs) by the federal government- primarily FBI, DOE, and NNSA. GEM has established a streamlined accounting system and is ready and fully prepared to expedite any future federal DCAA audit.

The GEM cost estimating system is designed to mirror the anticipated actual costs incurred on a particular contract and the established accounting methods applied to GEM government contracts. Major cost elements are priced using the most reliable information appropriate to meet each specific RFP’s requirements.