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NAICS Descriptions
NAICS Codes: 
  • 541611
  • 541612
  • 541613
  • 541618
  • 541690
  • 561110
  • 561210
  • 561311
  • 561320
  • 561612
  • 611430
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GEM has more than 25 years of progressively responsible experience at various Federal Government Agencies providing expert S&S services. Our professional experts have extensive experience in all disciplines of S&S and provide security support to our flagship customers – the DOE, the NNSA, and the DHS. GEM also provides support for many commercial customers that manage multiple DOE nuclear facilities, laboratories, and environmental sites nationwide.

Our goals are to help you

  • Maintain the continuity and effectiveness of your site/facility security
  • Ensure the integrity of S&S at a manageable and realistic cost
  • Create program architecture that aids adjustment to new technologies, staffing requirements, security missions, lessons learned, best practices, and continuous improvement of processes

GEM has contributed to the development and implementation of national, state, and local security policy for physical protection of

  • Nuclear weapons
  • Weapon components
  • Special Nuclear Materials
  • Classified and sensitive information
  • Declassification
  • Civil aviation facilities/assets
  • Petroleum reserve facilities (critical assets)

On our security policy, planning, and implementation tasks, we have worked closely with representatives from Federal agencies, State and local law enforcement, management and operations contractors, commercial entities, and foreign national representatives.

GEM conducts vulnerability analyses (VA) and risk assessments to determine the effectiveness of all elements of S&S, such as:

  • Protective forces
  • Program management
  • Physical security
  • Technical security
  • Personnel security
  • Information security
  • Cybersecurity
  • Material control and accountability
  • Training

We are a DOE-wide recognized source that is highly respected for the conduct of oversight reviews and VA exercises. These reviews and exercises, coupled with our vulnerability analysis capability, generate a comprehensive analysis of protection system compliance and effectiveness.

The protection of classified and sensitive information is vital to our national security. As such, our staff is highly qualified, trained, and experienced in information security and sensitive information policy, procedures, and solutions to concerns.

We develop and conduct surveillance and oversight programs designed to assess the protection of classified information, matter, and parts, critical assets, as well as sensitive information, and make recommendations for correcting identified shortcomings. These reviews successfully identify the use of engineered technological measures that provide more assurance and permanent cost-effective solutions to information security and sensitive information concerns. They also help ensure that our customers’ information policies and procedures are current, all encompassing, and in place for the protection of classified and sensitive information.

GEM also has the capabilities and experience to provide operations security guidance and support in identifying actual or potential vulnerabilities associated with classified and sensitive unclassified information that could be exploited by adversarial intelligence agencies.

GEM’s staff of experts are highly trained and certified capable of performing various technical security functions. We have extensive experience in the maintenance of communications security systems and accounts, protected distribution systems, TEMPEST and technical surveillance countermeasures programs.

Through conducting vulnerability assessments and oversight reviews (audits, inspections, self-assessments), we have developed extensive experience in the management, strategic planning, and training of protective forces. GEM’s expertise in the protective force discipline includes compliance- and performance-based assessments of management, fitness, training, facilities, and overall protective force effectiveness. Our staff represents over 100 years of experience in assessing the protection of critical assets, such as protective force training, planning, equipment, and response, consistent with post and response plans, vulnerability analyses and reports, performance testing, and site safeguards and security plans.

GEM also provides protective force response against the theft of special nuclear material and weapons, creation of improvised nuclear devices, potential malevolent acts associated with the disruption of mission critical facilities/assets, and sabotage that could affect the health and safety of the public, work force, and environment.

GEM is actively involved in the international safeguards of nuclear materials, participating in preparations for and implementation of international treaties and protocols for nuclear nonproliferation. GEM has provided nuclear safeguards support in many countries worldwide including South Africa, Romania, and other prior eastern block countries under the DOE/NNSA Global Threat Reduction Initiative contract. GEM developed and implemented a training program involving international radioactive material transfer and transport. GEM planned, developed, and implemented the first nuclear safety skill development program for South African regulators, nuclear facility operating personnel, and transport personnel. The training program supported the first US-origin nuclear removal project in South Africa.

GEM’s support of the Emergency Management Programs includes:

  • Surveying and assessing environmental hazards
  • Developing Emergency Action Levels
  • Preparing Building Emergency Plans
  • Documenting Environmental Contingency Plan requirements
  • Issuing Emergency Response Procedures
  • Staffing Site Level and Facility Emergency response organizations
  • Developing, conducting, and assessing emergency training and drills
  • Providing emergency equipment
  • Conducting assessments

GEM provides specialized emergency management services related to Radiological Assistance Programs (RAPs), including:

  • Providing personnel, trained and qualified as RAP team members, and additional supervisory or management members as directed to support RAP duties under the HRP contract
  • Performing routine schedules tasks to maintain equipment and RAP team readiness
  • Participating in meetings, working groups, drills, and exercises
  • Providing technical expertise to the RAP team, as directed
  • Responding to declared emergencies as a RAP team member
  • Participating in no-notice activations

GEM provides various professional actors to participate in various threat assessment and capstone security exercises. The role players play one of several roles of various personnel encountered in a Federal facility, hospital, research facility, or university setting. The “theater” within which the role player acts is a mock high level security facility. Roles include various scripted and improvisational members of the general public as well as roles of terrorists, spies, doctors, patients, administrative staff, students, etc. Role players work with law enforcement, radiation safety officers, security site personnel, and FBI personnel from various facilities from around the United States and internationally.