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Personnel Security & Investigations

NAICS Descriptions
NAICS Codes: 
  • 541611
  • 541612
  • 541613
  • 541618
  • 541690
  • 561110
  • 561210
  • 561311
  • 561320
  • 561612
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GEM provides various administrative and program management support in the area of Personnel Security at DOE, FBI, DHS and other sites managing and implementing critical projects and programs. GEM currently provides physical security, personnel security and access control services at various sites nationwide.

GEM currently provides multi-level physical security, personnel security and high-level access control services to several agencies nationwide, and provides security support to worldwide US entities under several contracting BOAs and other contracting vehicles. In addition, GEM senior security and management specialists conduct interviews, adjudication and final reviews for employment worldwide. GEM implements national policy and integrates programmatic support among its Federal, State and local partners, and has the ability to respond to incidents domestically and worldwide.

GEM provides administration and program management support, prepares briefings, assists with template development, assists with identifying inefficiencies in the program management processes, and facilitates coordination between Federal agencies and contractors, prepares documents, presentations, spreadsheets for various audiences. GEM assists DOE and the FBI by compiling, preparing, presenting and defending recommendations. GEM assists with coppicing findings, briefings, narrative summaries, and statistical analysis in complex written documents and reports.

GEM staff provides a full range of investigation, protection and other related services to assist in planning, obtaining, implementing, maintaining, managing and refining the services, technologies, and processes required to assure appropriate security for information, operations, facilities, and employees. GEM provides personnel security clearance processing, physical security, and facility protection. Increased Division tasks and workload often require annual increases in contractor staffing. GEM staff provides support for investigation, review, data verification and hiring purposes.

GEM personnel provide protection support for various federal agencies that involves processing visitors using the agency security databases for entry to facilities, utilizing the agency access control databases to issue Security Access Control (SACS) badges and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) enrollment. GEM personnel implement, monitor and operate access control systems; receive, respond to and direct emergency personnel; ensure the agency access control security system; processes, procedures, and policies comply with Executive Orders, Director of Central Intelligence Directives, guidelines and all authoritative guidelines and national standards; formulate, plan and develop security improvements to the agencies access controls to strengthen existing programs; and ensure that unauthorized individuals are prevented from accessing the various federal agencies and safeguards the agencies against possible espionage, damage, theft and related threats.

GEM develops and conducts training for various Federal government agencies providing classroom and on the job training as required. This includes the development of training materials, scenario development, classroom instruction, oversight of training budgets and deliverables, assistance with scheduling, facilitating and coordinating training sessions working closely with various federal agencies and contractors.